Be present…

Today’s blog post is short and to the point. I am urging you to find a way, especially since most people like to make new year’s resolutions (and those even get procrastinated upon) to be more present in the lives of those who matter most to you.

Eat a little slower at dinner time so that you can enjoy another’s company.

Spend more time scrolling through someone’s life while talking to them about their day either in person or over the phone vice using your thumbs to scroll through insignificance on Instagram or Facebook (you can still enjoy Instagram and FB, just do it a little less and give yourself some time restrictions).

Get to the gym and exercise. Or simply go outside for a walk. Make it a habit, day after day, and be present with yourself.

Make deadlines for yourself…without them your entire existence can be spent in procrastination.

Walk through a zoo if there is one nearby. Take a look at all the creatures. Don’t rush past them. If there is not a zoo near you, then just walk outside. Enjoy a park, a trail or create your own path. Plenty of amazing creatures abound.

Be present in the moment because life is all about moments, not individual days, weeks or years. Moments my friends are the most difficult things to be completely present in, yet they are the most important.

Stay blessed, keep doing more and do what others only think about doing.

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