Dare to Suck

In my house, my wife does not allow the word “suck” to come out of any of our mouths. She sees it as a sort of curse word, and like the rest of them, it is absolutely inappropriate and rude. While the bulk of me agrees with her contention, especially since I don’t want my two girls spitting out such a profanity at school, with other kids or anywhere for that matter, part of me sees a different sort of value in those four letters. I see motivation, inspiration, and the ability to want to do better.


I was always taught to not “suck” and that if you are not perfect, then you are not “good.” It is a terrible and unrealistic way to think. The truth is, and I know that all of you reading this already know this, but that by messing up, or “sucking” at something you are more apt to see your weaknesses, and you then have the ability to correct those misgivings for the better.

From the Urban Dictionary On-line:

“dare to suck”

That doesn’t mean try to suck. It means to try and possibly fail — to take risks. To dare — and maybe fall flat on your face, with a community of friends to say “Hey, that sucked! But nice try!”

So there you go, it may not be Merriam Webster’s grand collection of words and phrases, but the definition has a great ring to it.

I am pretty nervous about “sucking” right now. Writing my first book, which becomes available to the public in about 90 days, has taught me a few lessons in regard to such a phrase. I took a huge chance in putting my thoughts on paper and sharing them with the world at large. It was definitely a risk. I am making myself vulnerable to public opinion and it does not get much worse than that.

The critique is on its way. The “dislikes,” as well as the harsh comments, thumbs down and poop emojis (and likely much much more) are about to be sent my way. People everywhere will tell me that I “suck.” Like taxes and death, it’s a guarantee. But what’s funny is that most, if not all of those people making those comments have done nothing in their lives that would constitute “daring to suck.” They sit back, hiding behind insecurity waiting to trample on those that get even a hint of positive attention and affirmation.

I am ready to “suck.” I wasn’t always ready, but I am now.

So I urge you to take a chance on yourself. Do something you have dreamed about and go after it with a vengeance. Who cares if you fail. At least you will have tried and won’t have the regret that haunts many folks for their entire lives.

Enjoy The Process my friends…

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  1. Thanks for helping to continue to turn “conventional wisdom” upside down Jason.

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