The Ebb and Flow of our Emotions

A big part of following The Process is allowing it to ebb and flow. We must observe the ups and downs, the coming and going, and allow them to pull at our emotions. In doing so we should seek to become more emotionally intelligent. Those two words “emotionally intelligent” are not words that were ever found in the same sentence or conversation throughout my childhood. And so it’s no wonder I have struggled for more years than I care to admit.

Emotional intelligence has become something that gets talked about quite frequently these days. Leaders across the globe are making emotional intelligence important. They are not only talking about it, they are investing resources to help their followers and employees become proficient in it. Books have been written about the concept. College courses have been created (I know because I took one).

Thus today I would like to offer some pointers that I have picked up along the way – things I am trying to use in my life everyday (failing over and over, but progress is being made.)


Practicing Emotional Control

  • Notice and reflect on your feelings –> What do you really want and what is the best way to get it?
  • Delay responses –> Write that nasty email but don’t send it, ever!
  • Discuss your feelings with someone outside your team or family –> Opinion can help us gain perspective.
  • Get some rest –>  You’re never at your best when you are exhausted.
  • Eat Right. Exercise. Take Walks.
  • Serve the best interest of others even when it’s difficult.
  • Do something for someone who cannot do something for you. Generosity recharges.


Improving Emotional Control

  • Having a bad day at work –>  Keep it to yourself.
  • You don’t like your team –> Find something to love
  • Ready to blow-up at someone –> Say something kind
  • Envious of others –>  Find something to honor


I hope this helps you on your mission to improve your emotional intelligence. It is as much a part of The Process as everything else. Have a blessed day!

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