Lawnmower Parenting

Even if you are not a parent, I think you might find a way to appreciate this short blog today. Many of us have heard of helicopter parents, but what about lawnmower parents? Both “machines” that these names are attributed to have blades that rotate, but one hovers in the air and the other was created to keep the lawn trimmed. Perhaps you are already picking up on where I am going with this.


The Lawnmower parent takes care of The Process for their child, not just on occasion, but over and over.

They “clear” all the obstacles so that their child doesn’t have to.

Obviously this is a disaster in the making. It fails to set-up those involved for long term success, even if it appears to take care of the acute issue.

Eliminating one or two obstacles might be okay, especially if there is an element of teaching involved. But clearing the path completely helps no one. As parents or guardians or anyone in charge or responsible for another person’s well-being, we have the innate desire to serve. But then we get so caught up in serving that we don’t realize the disservice we are often doing by doing too much.

We need to let the lawnmower remain idle just a little longer. We need to let the engine run out of fuel. We need to leave the grass uncut a little more often. If you keep cutting it too short, odds are it will never grow.

Thanks for stopping by today and for continuing The Process.

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