Get The Process Going

The Process, when believed in, will get you exactly where you want to go. Nothing says it will be a smooth path without obstacles. That is hardly ever the case when it comes to meaningful results and a glorious destination. And then again, The Process is not just about results, it is about the journey, the odyssey, the progress and the development of the self. There is enough to worry about during the journey, so it benefits us to stray from getting too addicted to the destination. The destination may in fact gives us that which we desire, but it might also keep us from yearning to improve.

The destination can keep us complacent, causing us to lose the hunger that got us started in the first place. There is only one alternative and that is to put your heart into The Process and get going.

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Once the odyssey is underway you will recognize your strengths and weaknesses and you will readily adjust yourself. You won’t hold back because you will understand why and be compelled to keep going. You will quickly realize that once in motion, it is a lot harder to stop, especially when you are motivated and inspired. If you are not moving, then it often takes some persuasion (whether from the inner self or some outside force) to get started. Persuasion isn’t a bad thing, but it can feel fake and cumbersome at times. It can overtake our pride and can destroy our confidence. So forget it!

Don’t let persuasion dictate what you want to do. Pick your journey. Take the first steps because you want to. And don’t look back. The only thing you will see is the path behind, but it’s the one in front of you that makes all the difference.

I urge you to challenge yourself this week by taking a few steps forward with something you have been holding back on. Whether it has to do with starting a new project, going to the gym or rebuilding a struggling relationship…Get Going!

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