Relationship pointers 4 through 6

Today we continue examining some of the relationship principles I picked up from one of my mentors, John C. Maxwell. I hope you were able to put numbers 1 through 3 to work for you last week, and I am guessing that if you did, then perhaps you witnessed some awesome interactions with those around you.

To recap the first three:

Ways to successfully connect with others

1. People are insecure ⇒ so give them confidence. We see people as we are, not how they actually feel. Many people are hanging in the air, not firmly planted on the ground. So say something or do something that makes them feel better and more secure.

2. People want to feel special ⇒ so compliment them. Say something positive within the first 30 seconds of your interaction. Say it in front of their friends or others to have an even greater impact.

3. People want a bright future ⇒ so give them hope. Express something positive in their life. Some people are always drawing the shades, which makes it dark. Set positive expectations. We see what we look for.

And now that is has been a week already, it is time to add three more of these concepts to your toolkit…

4. People need to be understood ⇒ to do this, quietly listen to them. Try to become the best listener possible. It may take just a few seconds, or perhaps a little longer. Either way, be mindful of the situation, and just listen. 

5. People lack direction ⇒ so walk with them. Don’t just give them directions. Be present with them on their journey.

6. People are selfish ⇒ so speak to their needs first. We are all selfish in many ways. The first thing we think is “What is happening to me?” Just listen and let them talk it out. Let people talk about themselves and they will consider helping others.


More to come next week.

And as always, thanks for taking a few minutes to stop by today.

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One thought on “Relationship pointers 4 through 6”

  1. Be focused on ‘the other’ and their hearts and souls, and you’ll learn to empower them. That’s what each step of Jason’s ‘Be Successfully Connected’ is all about. BUT, they must be practiced. The ‘process’ is to make them habitual, to be part of who you are. Then the ‘life giving’ begins. These are not just a ‘try it this week,’ they are ‘develop them for life.’ But, they must start out as “this week.” Then, next week, then next week, then they become life changing, habitual.

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