My friend Mark’s book and one other thing…

Today’s blog is short and sweet…I wanted to direct your attention toward a physician and athlete you may have never heard of. His name is Dr. Mark Cucuzzella. After years of thinking about it, he put together a book about running, and even if you are not a runner the title of his book alone can get us started on a critical conversation.

That conversation entails having a renewed sense of perspective and seeking a life of joy.

The second half of the title is enough for me. It is something that I think about daily, and fail to achieve time and time again. But even when I get down on myself, my situation, and my failures (and yes, I seem to fail quite often if not at least once per day) I try to keep perspective by simply telling myself that tomorrow will be another opportunity to start over. It is not easy to go to sleep at night when things are ruminating in our minds. And it is quite challenging to turn those thoughts off. Time and time again I find myself unable to just relax because of something that happened a few hours earlier, or the idea that something might not go right the next day. Turning off this noise is quite challenging and I admire those who can do with consistency and without losing much sleep.

Today, I simply ask you to think about all the noise that is keeping you from achieving a sense of well-being and joy. Put that noise in perspective. Do your best to decrease the chatter and try to make the sounds you are hearing something beautiful, powerful and refreshing. If you can do that, then tomorrow will surely be full of new opportunities for growth!


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