Walk around your house naked!

I can sense a few eyes rolling…heads spinning…smirks…etc.

At least my title did not use an profanity, but these days profanity is unfortunately selling books. Mark Manson wrote a New York Times bestseller titled The Subtle Art of Not Giving a **** (I will let you replace the asterisk). And Sarah Knight has written a book with a similar title. It is wild. So perhaps my title for this blog post is not so bad. I think it offers some good food for thought.

I came up with it as I considered how to really get people to CHANGE.

To CHANGE, you need raw data. You need to be able to look at yourself from different angles, with a different emphasis, inside and out. You need a new perspective. You need to see yourself NAKED.

The truth is, I hate looking at myself. Ask my wife, and she will tell you that I frustrate her continually by never turning the lights on when standing in front of the sink and mirror in the bathroom. Natural light is enough for me. I had horrific acne for years, I have a big nose, etc…for me it has been troubling (hard to believe I am willing to share it with all of you). It is even worse for me at hotels where there is hardly any natural light that reaches the bathroom. It is something I need to change. I get it.

My perspective is skewed. There, I told you about one of my struggles. How about you?

What if you walked around your home naked? What if you doubled the bet and put mirrors up everywhere? What would you see? Would you be compelled to make some changes?

I discussed this with some of my patients who are looking to shed a few pounds. It really gets them thinking. The naked test does in fact work. But you cannot do it for just one day. It must be a continual process. Day after day. At least 7-days, 14 is better, 30 will give you even greater results. Try it and you will be impressed by what will happen. If you have any self-worth you will make changes. You will be compelled. The naked test will challenge you and it will remove the doubts that have been holding you back. The naked test has NOTHING to do with your actual BODY, unless that is where you want your emphasis to be. It can pertain to what is inside your mind (your thoughts and feelings). It may have something to do with who you choose to spend your time with. It might have something to do with how much of a drinker or smoker you are. It all depends on who you are.

Don’t you think you should get started? Your LIFE cannot wait any longer. And what better day to start…it’s the first of the month.

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