Do you love what you do?…

…Would you do it for free?

What a great question — or two!

To do something “for free” you should really love it. When you lend a hand to someone, make a monetary donation, etc., your heart is compelled to give your love away. Sometimes you do this without even thinking about it, without batting an eye. Other times you sit and wonder — and that is okay too. The key is that you do something that brings out the best in you. You are responsible. When you love what you do, it is so much easier to do all of the other stuff that you have to do.

Things fall into place — it happens on purpose — because it is what you desire. Many closed-minded and short-sighted folks cannot conceive doing their work for free. It is “below” them. But this is such a sad way to live. One of the most selfish ways to live.

So think about those two questions today. Reflect on what you are willing to do and at what price. We must get paid so that we can subsist, but somethings can and should be done for free.


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