Exhaustion Teaches

Have you ever stopped to think about what you can learn from periods of exhaustion? Well, it is hard to think while tired. Your “alertness” goes down, you are more prone to eating poorly, you tend to have greater shifts in your mood, and thus you don’t have much energy remaining that can allow you to reflect and grow. The key learning point from exhaustion is perseverance.

And if you understand anything about perseverance it simply means to “keep going.”

Obstacles, like taxes and death, are things that we cannot eradicate. So instead of dropping our heads and shoulders when an obstacle comes our way, we should welcome them with our heads held high and our shoulder picked up and pulled back.

Learn with each moment. You can take something from each experience. Most people run away from the possibility of experiencing exhaustion, but I beg you to embrace it. Imagine becoming somebody who can withstand exhaustion. Imagine how much more LIFE that power will allow you to extract.

You can achieve amazing things when you overcome the exhaustive state.

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