My past will not…

…dictate my future.

I have come to believe and appreciate the idea that most of us either allow our past to dictate our future or we don’t. Just like flipping a 2-sided coin, you have two defined options. Not three or one, but two. But you get to DECIDE, and you often have more than one or two options to choose from. You don’t have to settle. No matter what happened in your past, you decide how you will be today. You decide if your future will be filled with growth and responsibility, or if you will continue to base your decisions on what others want for you (not always bad).

Get past your “past.” Thrive off of the good things that led you to where you are today. Accept the obstacles and moments of adversity that tore you down at one time or another, and that ultimately built you in to something even better than you were before. The past is gone. The clock has kept ticking. All you can truly control is what you are doing right now.

Your car breaks down. Your child breaks a glass. Your friend decides to “de-friend” you on Facebook. You fail an exam. It all doesn’t matter. All of those things are now in the past. Now is your chance to dictate your future.

What will you do to get just a few small “wins” today?

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