Who is Anne Frank?

I have no idea if you know who Anne Frank is, or if you read her esteemed diary in high school like did. That was over 20-years ago for me, and what I realize now is that I was able to “hear” her story, but I don’t believe I was mature enough at the time to truly be “listening.”

Anne and her family were in hiding during the second world war. They were Jewish and they literally had nowhere to turn. Anne was around the age of 12 when she faced such adversity. At one point she went more than an entire year without ever going outside. Essentially imprisoned in a warehouse, she would climb to the attic to take a peek at the city and its people that were just outside the window. There was no internet. No cellular phones. None of that. But there was HOPE, even if it was small.


You see, while Anne was not afforded the freedoms that many of us have today, she often used one of them much better than many of us ever do. Can you guess what that is? I thought about making you do some homework, and waiting to see the answer with my next blog post, but I surmised that most of you would decide to not come back. And I like having you here, so I won’t make you wait.

Anne made the CONSCIOUS decision to be HAPPY.

She did not pity her situation. She chose her attitude. I hear a lot of grumblings as I walk down the halls where I work. Grumblings about how bad one’s job is or how we pay too much in taxes. Some of these grumblings are my very own. If we can learn from Anne we have the opportunity to feel so much better about our circumstances.

Eventually we will all realize that HAPPINESS is a choice we ourselves get to make, not one determined by what we own, do, or what others tell us.

Here is to your own pursuit of that 9-letter word that for so many of us often feels unattainable.

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