The art of the “drive by”

When we hear the phrase “drive by” we automatically think something bad has happened. Our minds tell us that someone has been shot, or maybe we witnessed someone hitting another’s car (maybe your own) and driven away. But this is not the sort of “drive by” I am talking about today.

This is a personal growth blog and at times I have shared things that are not so easily recognizable in terms of one’s growth and development (check out my posts about an old friend of mine named Chris that lost his WHY if you want an idea), but I do try to stick to this area of the marketplace.

Today I want you to think about what “drive by” means in this context. A “drive by” here involves taking in wisdom and information from the those around you. The simple art of walking up to your boss and or a colleague and inviting them to share what they know. Doing this over and over again. Believing that everyone has the potential to add some value to you, and “walking” yourself around to get that information.

You should be committed to performing the art of the “drive by.” Perfect it in a way that suits you and does not disrupt those you seek wisdom from. Make it subtle, but have enthusiasm when in the other person’s presence. You don’t want to be so over the top that your persistence annoys or damages relationships.

When you have a growth mindset the “drive by” becomes a necessity. It may take you some time to figure out how best to make the “drive by” work for you, but the time is definitely worth it.

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