The space we make…

“The space we make should be for the person we are becoming, not the one in the past.”

What do you think about these words? Do you understand their true meaning or are you living a life where you often want one thing, but for some reason you continue to dwell on something in your past?

The words in the quote above can be a helpful guide when it comes to letting go of the past and getting rid of the things that are keeping us down. Our “space” gets cluttered with “what could have been” or “something we loved” or “something we had” when instead that space should be full of “this is what’s next” or “this is what can be” or “this is what I want.”

You see, we have the opportunity each and every single day to decide what we want to fill our lives with. We can either have and maintain excuses for why we are “stuck” or we can let go of the excuses and start to “own” our lives.

You, and you alone, get to control how you feel each day. Your attitude is yours. You don’t have to always be smiling, and perhaps you raise your voice when you are mad. Who really cares. It does not mean your a bad person. It does not mean you are failing as a parent or a person. It simply means you are human. The key is that you recognize that you have room for growth. It is that simple.

So today, are you making space for the hour and day ahead, or is that space occupied by things that already happened? Your answer to that question may not be so straight forward, but the choice available to you is as fundamenatal as it gets.

Make room for yourself because if you are the same person today that you were 10-years ago, then you have lots of work to do. Grow everyday. Expect great things from yourself. Live to be the best YOU that is possible.

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  1. Wonderful post Jason! I couldn’t agree more. It’s so important to reflect and make sure we’re moving forward and growing! Continue inspiring my friend.

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