Over the past year I have come to truly appreciate each and every opportunity I get for REFLECTION.

It was not something I was taught about growing up. I highly doubt it was something my own parents valued. If you would have asked them what REFLECTION means to them, they probably would have looked at you with an awkward expression. And it definitely was not something I learned in K-12…

But now, I really do see and appreciate the value of REFLECTION in everything I do.

I especially see its value in my relationships, and most profoundly in the relationships that I share with my wife and children.


But it really does help with everything, and from my experience nothing has been more profound than the personal growth that reflection has provided me. At its core, REFLECTION helps us determine and re-evaluate our purpose.

REFLECTION allows us to make new plans, to keep at those things that are working and to learn to let go and release the pieces of the puzzle that no longer fit (perhaps they never did fit in the first place, but we squeezed them because we thought they would work).

REFLECTION is not just something that you decide to do. It takes a great deal of work. Some people REFLECT while meditating. Others do it while exercising. And others do it in their favorite chair. There is not just one way.

It can in fact be a struggle, and struggle often equals suffering, which many of us are afraid of. But REFLECTION is actually a MEDIATOR of the suffering.

REFLECTION leads us to LOVE. Not just the love we experience in our relationships with others, but the LOVE that we experience when we do the things that bring us joy.

LOVE is what LIFE is really all about.

So today, find a few minutes to do some REFLECTION. Think about your actions over the past week. How many times did you show your gratitude for others? Did you exercise enough or eat too much? Did you sleep well? Did you call a few friends just to say hello? Were you serving your purpose?

If you do TWO things today, even for just a couple of minutes, REFLECT and then use that REFLECTION to help you share your LOVE.

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