No Hatred

I began pondering the concept of hatred, I mean really thinking about it on a new level as I began reading various books over the past few weeks. It seems commonplace to say that no matter where one looks, hate is abundant. I have refrained from watching the news for this particular reason.

From someone disliking a post on YouTube, to the crimes that blast through our news broadcasts, hate is unremitting and unforgiving.

LOVE is less common.

LOVE indeed a lot more powerful, yet it does not get the recognition it deserves.

What will we do for our children? For the next generation?

How do we get rid of all the hate and increase our level of awareness for LOVE?

It simply starts with loving our NEIGHBORS. And not just literally, as in the person next door. Our neighbors include everyone outside of ourselves. LOVE is as simple as a hello, a smile, a handshake (or fist bump), or the act of opening and holding the door for someone.

We must not only talk about not criticizing others for being different than us, but we must in fact open our arms and welcome in those differences. It really is this simple.

Why not just say hello to that person walking down the sidewalk next to you? Are you scared to make the interaction? What is holding you back? If they don’t greet you in return, is there any love lost?

By making one more positive interaction we are in fact contributing in the fight against hate.

Equality is GOOD, but LOVE is even better.

Thanks for joining me today.

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