The Secret to a Good Life

The following is an excerpt from Pope Francis’ latest book: Happiness in this Life. Whether you are a Christian or not, I think the following could serve you well in your pursuit of making your life a little bit better day after day.

“The secret to a good life is to love and to surrender to love. By doing this, we find the strength to “sacrifice ourselves with joy” and so the most difficult task becomes a source of great joy. By doing this, we are no longer afraid to make important choices in life. Instead, their true colors are revealed: Our choices are a way for us to attain self-fulfillment and personal freedom.”

As I thought about this piece I spent time reflecting on the things that really matter in my life and the ONE thing that survived each and every list that I created was: RELATIONSHIPS.

For me, the ability to choose our RELATIONSHIPS is of the utmost importance. One bad choice in this arena can lead to a great deal of heartache and loss of much of our time. And life is short.

Many of our RELATIONSHIPS are thrust upon us, but many more are left up to our own decision making.

Don’t deny yourself the freedom and fulfillment that comes from making good RELATIONSHIP decisions. You may experience a little pain as you re-evaluate and reconsider those you spend your time with, but in the end it will allow you to open the door to new RELATIONSHIPS that are eager for your love and your time.

2 thoughts on “The Secret to a Good Life”

  1. I love your sentence: One bad choice in this arena can lead to a great deal of heartache and loss of much of our time. Could you be referring to “Affairs of the heart”?? Whether or not, you give us a great reminder of the consequences of our choices in an area where we sometimes feel that we don’t have choices – relationships & their related feelings) just happen to us! As I’ve aged I see that I have been able to assume more responsibility for my choices around relationships – another benefit of aging! How did you figure this out at such a young age??

    1. Great question at the end…I know it is rhetorical…but I figured I would answer anyhow: I am still trying to figure it out!

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