Never stop learning

I am not someone who routinely listens to PODCASTS although I am becoming a fan. There are so many of them out there at the moment, with more coming online everyday, that it is hard to pick and choose. And being that I am not someone who sits in a car and commutes to work (for 3 of the past 4 years I rode my bicycle nearly everyday and I don’t like putting “earbuds” in my ears), it was challenging to add one more thing to my daily plan. But then I woke up and realized I could just have a PODCAST on while doing things around the house, or while working in my office, or while exercising in my garage. The excuses for not finding yet another way to open mind my to new opportunities for growth were abundant. But they were all in some way, INEXCUSABLE.

I listened to Tim Ferris here and there, but much of what he said often got me down because I wanted to do the things he was doing, but the reality was that I was not in his position in life to do much of it. From traveling around the world whenever he desires, to sitting in his glorious sauna for hours on end, drinking $10,000 bottles of wine…you name it, and Tim was actually doing it or he was at least planning on it. He aimed to build the life he desired, and he did it. But then my ignorance faded and I realized that part of Tim’s mission was to inform, to help and to ultimately inspire, even if his EGO often shined. If you look at the people he interviews on his PODCAST you will see what I mean. And if you want to start with a great one, check out his interview with actor and former professional athlete TERRY CREWS.

And because of Tim I found a man by the name of Aubrey Marcus, who also has a PODCAST, as well as his own company and a soon to be released book titled Own the Day. So for the past two weeks I have been experimenting with listening to both of these men’s PODCASTS, and I have discovered some great things. I really do think you should check out Aubrey’s PODCAST. And if you need somewhere to start check out his interview with Bedros Keuilian, or Paul Chek (although this one is pretty deep) or Mark Verstegen.

(A quick warning, as some of things that come up in these interviews are often viewed as being TABOO, or things we have been taught not to talk about openly…)

I would even venture to say that you can learn as much from a PODCAST, if not more, than from many books. I love to read and I am learning to also enjoy listening to audio books, but PODCASTS, if done right, can offer even more insight and wisdom because you are HEARING others talk about their FAILURES, their FEARS, and their DREAMS.

For me, it is about trying to find ways to maximize how much USEFUL information I can take in. And of course, it all depends on what your GOALS are. If you have been following my BLOG, you have likely picked up on the idea of trying to find ways to get BETTER EVERY DAY.

As I am putting the finishing touches on my own personal book (working title The PROCESS) I think about YOU the reader and WHAT you would want from it. And thanks to my publishing company Greenleaf and my editor Elizabeth, it is coming along.

For me, I am MOVED and INSPIRED by helping you be better tomorrow, than you are today!


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