A little warning for aspiring leaders

Today’s post is sure to help you if you aspire to be a leader of men and women. If you are already considered a leader in your circle of friends and colleagues, then this will inevitably help you as well. And even if you don’t consider yourself a leader in any way at all (but I am sure you are), then it will likely help you too.

The following excerpt is taken from my new favorite book The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill. I hope you can appreciate his words as much as I have.

“Before you can become an accurate thinker, you must understand and make allowance for the fact that the moment a man or a woman begins to assume leadership in any walk of life, the slanderers begin to circulate “rumors” and subtle whisperings reflecting upon his or her character.

No matter how fine one’s character is or what service he may be engaged in rendering to the world, he cannot escape the notice of those misguided people who delight in destroying instead of building.”

Today, find a leader that you can help build instead of destroy. Say something positive about that person to someone else who may be effected by their leadership. You have nothing to lose. And you will feel better about it for the days that follow.

Wishing you all a great April 2018!

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