PROCESS: the acronym


Today I am sharing an acronym I put together (I did not promise it was good or perfect) to give all of my readers some insight into my idea of THE PROCESS. Just like THE PROCESS itself, this acronym is a work in progress.

P: Purpose

This is how anything worth finishing begins. This is the driver. The initiator. That initial spark that ignites the fire. It is the WANT, and the MUST HAVE with the WHAT, all wrapped into one. Purpose is the lifeblood; if is runs out, or has lost motivation, it will fall out of the race and it can be quite a challenge to be regained. By enjoying the PROCESS, refining it as needed, the goal will become the reality and it all starts with purpose.

R: Results

A manifestation of the PROCESS, but not the end all be all. “Eyes on the prize” has been commonly spoken throughout history, to invigorate confidence and energy. While results await, the PROCESS continues – if it does not, then there is no reason to worry. To only focus on results is shameful because only the PROCESS can get you there. Make an effort to continually evaluate where you are along the way – making changes as needed – and turn your work into something great.

O: Obstacles

Don’t look at them as roadblocks, but rather stepping stones. Use them to your advantage. Many of us have lost sight of our goals because of unforeseen obstacles. Diet and exercise are a prime example. A few days of solid changes, then a plateau of weight loss that infringes on the power of the PROCESS. It is just an obstacle. A “do not enter” sign that really means “conquer me, don’t let me stop you.” But we would rather take the easy route. Why sweat if you can sparkle? Don’t let the obstacles fool you. They are in fact all a part of the PROCESS.

C: Culture

This can be an aid or a barrier to your achievement. It is what surrounds you at work, at home, or at the gym. It is what you were brought up in. The people you spend the most time with are a direct reflection of you and your culture. So look out. Be aware. You may not have been able to choose the parents and family that you were born into, but you can dictate who your friends are. You are free to choose the culture you want to be a part of. It is your PROCESS so make the most of it. You may need to make some hard decisions, but it will be worth it.

E: Enthusiasm

It is a tool that energizes. It makes your WHY happy to be alive. It smiles. It shines. It pumps you up when you feel like taking a break. It is vital to the PROCESS, for a lack of it breeds bitterness while doing, and a sour aftertaste that is difficult to digest. For me it is always essential, but for you and others it may just currently be a supplement that is used sparingly. Invest in it, and I am certain it will become a part of you that you will fight to maintain. It is a natural high that costs nothing with only positive side effects. Dig in and make it your own version. You will not regret that you did.

S: Systems

This is what puts various PROCESSES together as one. It is your WHY with plans to get your PROCESS where it needs to go. The engineering. The mechanisms. It adjusts the faults. It rights the wrongs. It is programmed to serve the purpose. It recognizes and acknowledges the PROCESS. A little fine-tuning here with larger adjustments made only when needed. It is a servant-leader. It puts its focus on the forces it tries to direct. A selfless entity that allows the PROCESS consistency and continuity. It knows no other way.

S: Success

And here we are. This is what we hoped for. The finish line. Hardly! Success is the PROCESS itself. The end is great, but what happened at the start, in the middle and at various checkpoints has meaning beyond measure. It is these various stations along the way where passengers (people, ideas, ventures) are picked up or dropped off. Choices are made that will determine not only the end results of this particular journey, but the start and finish of so many more to come.

Thanks for reading today!

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