Some food for thought

Today I just wanted to share a few thoughts and ideas that have traveled through my mind over the past few days (some I found in my reading and some came to me through my writing) with the hope that a single one might help to inspire you to set a new goal, establish a vision, and perhaps the greatest possibility of all: determine your WHY.

Many people go through LIFE waiting for things to happen to them. They are not AGGRESSIVELY paying attention because either they don’t really no how, or most things were given to them without ever having to work very hard. I bet you can think of few folks right now. It doesn’t have to be you.

  1. Happiness is always just around the bend; always in sight but just out of reach.
  2. Life is never complete, no matter what we have or how much of it we possess.
  3. We continue to chase. Even when we realize it will never stop. On and on the story goes.
  4. Life is an everlasting question mark.
  5. If we catch up with the thing we want we no longer want it.
  6. The moment a man ceases to cherish the vision of future achievement he is through.
  7. Anticipation is sweeter than realization.
  8. Too much self-awareness is almost as bad as not enough.

Perhaps in one of the statements above you can redefine yourself, or at the very least find one thing in your life that needs a little attention and love. Life is meant to be lived. There is no reason to just wait around.

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