Is anyone watching?

Today’s post is brought to you by my friend Seth Godin. If you already follow his BLOG, then you know he posts something everyday, which is incredible, and one of the reasons he is so successful.

Seth has a way of bridging his expertise (marketing) with personal growth. I don’t know of anyone out there doing it better. And he is a great writer. If you haven’t looked into his writing, you need to. Especially his books Tribes, Purple Cow, or What to do When it’s Your Turn.

If you have never heard of Seth, read the post below and then check out his page.


Everyone’s watching (no one is watching)

When you’re doing something you’d rather hide, when you’re cutting corners, breaking promises or acting like a bully, it’s fair to assume that plenty of people are watching.

And when you’ve got a new project to launch, an act of generosity you want to share or an announcement to make, it’s useful to imagine that those very same people are doing something else.

Positive signals are often weak signals. We need to be prepared to offer them with consistency, to keep showing up in the face of apparent apathy. It’s not apathy, it’s merely people who are too busy and distracted to slow down and hear you enough to appreciate you (at first.)



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