I was reflecting on my life and the things that really matter, and as I did this I realized that my true happiness has generally come in very few locations. Some people thrive off of “not being at home” or “having to travel to some extravagant place” or “needing to be surrounded by others at an event or party.” There are those who just cannot be happy unless they adventure to one of those “must see places before you die” locales. But for me — the real me — home, the gym, church, work (not everyday!), my rusted old pick-up truck, have been enough to bring happiness.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel. The Navy has been a great source of some excellent adventures. Church groups, dinner events, you name it — all those things are okay, but for me they truly pale in comparison to throwing a blanket on the grass and having a picnic with my two girls. Or just sitting on the couch next to my wife, doing absolutely nothing. It is these things that are enough for me. For you it is likely something else, and that is what makes it so wonderful. And HOME can be more than just the structure you live in.

We are all wired differently. That is what makes LIFE so wonderful. We can share our differences and our desires; our happiness and our fulfillment. Unique blends that take us on journeys not yet traveled. For me, HOME is okay. And HOME can be anywhere that you choose to make it.

In the nearly 12-years that I have been married, HOME has been in 8 different “structures,” in 7 different cities. And you know what? I have no complaints. The change has been good for us. Each has brought a new atmosphere; a new adventure. Wherever we have gone — it’s been HOME.

So many of us keep searching for more, when in fact MORE is right here with us.

If you are struggling today because you keep thinking you MUST do something MORE extravagant, that is bigger and better, STOP, and just REST. There is no need to keep comparing yourself to others. You have plenty of other things to worry about. Continue to make your LIFE what you WANT it to be, not what you THINK it should be. And if you are indeed ready for that next adventure, then go! Chase after it. Your happiness is what will keep you inspired…and maybe, just maybe, your happiness is at HOME, next to you, asking you to play, asking for your attention, asking you to just be YOU.

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