Progress happens when you are tired

If I told you that I get TIRED like most people, I would be lying. A few friends and colleagues have diagnosed me with a sort of MANIC mood disorder, or more appropriately HYPOMANIA. It really does not matter if you know what any of this means…in simple terms…I don’t sleep much, I like to stay busy with projects, and I really am in search of a way to inspire everyone around me to stretch themselves just a little bit more so that they can enjoy the exhilaration that comes with searching for their own unique WHY and putting it into action. Quite simply: I am driven by PURPOSE. I did not say this was healthy. Likely quite the contrary. But it is who I am.

But over the past two weeks, I have gotten a little TIRED. Yes, I am admitting it. On January 8th, I was informed that I was selected by the Navy to complete a fellowship in Sports Medicine at a civilian institution. Just a couple of weeks ago this was not the plan, and likely would not be on my agenda for at least a couple of more years due to my service obligation. I was focused and beginning to plan for my next assignment.

The easy part of being selected is that I remain on active duty, get paid to train for 12-months and the institution that takes me on gets free labor. Seems like a win-win situation. But it is not that easy.

The challenge over the past 12 days has centered upon contacting institutions, interviewing, discussing the programs with various mentors and friends and then trying to figure out which place would be the best fit (along with all of the other minute details of programs not having room for an extra person, or not being credentialed to do so…even if they don’t have to pay my salary, moving to a new location, setting up the family, etc).

On top of all of this, we had an adult child of some close family friends move in with us on the very same day that we received this news. She was starting a graduate program in the local area and we were trying to help out. Well, it did not go so well after just a few days and by the end of the week she was out of the house. She was looking to live on her own (who could blame her at 27-years of age), even if her parents did not want her to.

Everyone was in fact TIRED, but PROGRESS was being made.

But how does all of this apply to you and your life. We are all going to get TIRED. Life in and of itself wears on the mind, the body and the soul. But PROGRESS does in fact happen when we are pushed, worn out and beaten down. You see it everywhere. It is a survival mechanism. It is one way that we get better. We may not feel like we are making PROGRESS during this time, but we are. The results may not show themselves for a while. And that is okay, because as I have written previously, it is the journey or the PROCESS that matters most.

Survival of the fittest is another way to reframe this idea. Just think about the difficulties that are inherent in trying to stay healthy. From having to exercise, to eating right, and trying to sleep the “physician” recommended hours each night…the list is endless. You are doing all you can to stay afloat at all costs. It is more than tiring. And thus PROGRESS is made. It is necessary. It is in fact essential. And it really happens when we have nothing left in the tank. We are running on fumes, and we should not be looking back — we cannot afford to.

PROGRESS is waiting for you, especially when you cannot stop yawning.

Have a great day! Go out and make something great today, or tomorrow, or next week. Whatever you do, don’t fight the urge to make PROGRESS.

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