A quick leadership minute

Earlier today I was doing some journaling on leadership and came across a few powerful words that I wanted to share that pertain to the cultures that we are a part of in the workplace. The title of the article I read:

Want a great culture? Mind your Ps and Ds

A twist on the phrase many of us have heard: Mind your Ps and Qs (essentially meaning to mind your “manners,” “language,” “behaviors,” etc.)

The article gets at the idea of these specific “P” and “D” words having an impact on our work cultures (I would argue they also have an impact in our homes, families and friendships).

The Ps: Purposeful, Positive, Productive

The Ds: Discounting, Demeaning, Dismissing

Unfortunately, the Ds are often more prevalent, especially in the workplace.

As the article points out “there really is no middle ground here.” We must focus on the Ps and eliminate the Ds.

Sometimes we just need a little reminder like this to get us back on track. Thanks for all your support in following my Blog. May it at least make a small difference in your own life and your path towards personal growth.

2 thoughts on “A quick leadership minute”

  1. Hey Jason,Sounds like the workplace has been a hotbed of Perversions & Decadence over the past few decades. You might want to write about how now it’s time for we men who do respect women to take a stand when the P&D guys are bragging and let them know that their behavior toward women is not respectable nor is it respected! I enjoy your posts and respect what you are doing to encourage the personal growth of others, Keep up the good work, Hi to your “girls”,  Bill Wm. J. Gaertner, MD, MS – Family Doc & Wellness Consultant 1448 Horizon Trail, Waukesha, WI 53189 bgaertner@sbcglobal.net C=(414) 750-1316

    The stranger you’re friendly with now may well be your friend from now on.

  2. Sir, you’re a great mentor and leader! I truly enjoy all the days i get to work with you because you teach me so much! Not only do you teach my about the medical profession but also about how to be a genuinely good and optimistic person. Thank you for all that you do for our clinic and Military family.

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