More Responsibility

If you are like me, you thrive off of being given MORE RESPONSIBILITY. It makes us feel both wanted and valued. The first few seconds of a new obligation often feels overwhelming, but then you settle in. You clear your mind of all the rubbish, and then you get to work.

Well, a few days ago another responsibility got added to my list. I assumed the role of Godfather for the second child of a friend and colleague. Little Charles Meriwether, a mere 6-months old and already looking quite stoic.


It was back in May 2016, on Charles’ second day of life, in front of my wife and kids, that Charles’ father asked me to be his Godfather. I was extremely overwhelmed for many reasons. First and foremost, the idea of assuming such a role. Secondly, we were just stopping by the hospital to say congratulations on our way to soccer practice. Thirdly, Charles’ mother was trying to enjoy a few minutes of rest, less than 48-hours after delivery, and we were trying not to overstay our welcome. Overwhelmed I was, just a little.

My mind was racing, as I tried to answer such an important question, “Why me?” I wasn’t trying to shed responsibility, but rather I was excited to accept it. But I had only known Charles’ parents for 2-years. We had but a few meals together. But with our occupations and the robust schedules both at work and at home with children, I realized that even though we had spent a sparse amount of time together, perhaps it was in fact enough time.

These friends of mine were seeking someone to help their newest child grow in the faith of God. They were seeking someone to set the good example. As I began to ponder this over the next few months, my question transformed from “Why me?” to “Why not me?”

I have made many mistakes. I already made more than enough this morning. But now my purpose was invigorated. I was in fact always trying to get better. And now, I have just one more person to get better for. It was an obligation I would not take lightly.

And as we baptized Charles, at one of the most historic chapels in California, I felt a special sense of renewal and responsibility. I had been given Godparents that were not involved in my life at all. I had chosen Godparents for my oldest child that have followed that same mantra. Not good!

For me, it was yet another opportunity to commit myself to LIFE.

So I ask you, do you shun or accept the opportunities for responsibility presented to you? Odds are, you don’t have to look very far for these opportunities. They are likely staring at you. Waiting for you to get home from work. Eager for you to return that phone call. Saddened by the distance you have created.

Take just a single minute and perhaps one or two steps back. Now you are ready. Responsibility is nothing more than just being HUMAN.


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