Harajuku Moment

I have now read about the “Harajuku Moment” twice this year. Both writers insisting that no change happens without it. It is the point at which those “nice to have” things in life become one with the “must haves.”

For each of us, that special moment is different. Looking back, I have had a few of those moments. Some stand out more than others. The first night living in my truck after leaving home. The day my first daughter was born. The moment I was told my second daughter was born with hearing loss. Or that day my physician told me the cancer had returned — or more precisely — that is had most likely never left. Some of these moments I have shared with very few. Even some of my closest friends are hearing about them for the first time. They are not moments I write about here to gain any sympathy. I share them because it may allow someone else to realize that all of us experience something along the way. That no path is clear of all obstacles. Gain comfort in knowing that you are not alone.

I bet each of you can think of your own Harajuku Moments. Those tipping points in your life when you realize that you must change. Some will do just that. Others will accept way less and won’t even bargain with themselves to change; they will settle for the mediocre. What makes things worse is when we convince ourselves that “Things are not that bad.” That is when real problems start to take hold. We end up reaching for another candy bar. We put off another workout. Complacency becomes part of our ROUTINE and our RHETORIC. Playing it safe is our primary concern.

We come to realize that we are in fact bored, but we are okay with it. But finally, we can no longer take it. Reality hits us between the eyes. We finally recognize something vastly important to our existsence. We are determined to fix our thoughts and actions.

Our new belief: MOVEMENT IS LIFE. Or the better sounding MOVIMENTIO ES VIDA.

We choose to no longer avoid FEAR, because to have FEAR is to miss out on life. To have the Harajuku Moment you must let go. Movement is what changes us. Be COMMITTED. Make that ONE DECISION that matters. Have that Harajuku Moment, and your regrets will be a thing of the past. .

To all the Veterans out there…whether you served for just a couple of years, retired or all still serving…thank you. I joined because of what so many of you did before me. God Bless!

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  1. Thanks for this post, well written! After a life of addiction, depression, anxiety, and being on the street, doing things a man or woman shouldn’t do, bombarding myself with seeing things a person should not have to see because they can choose to see better things, I am finally out of the constant thunderstorms and learning to see and experience my own ‘Harajuku Moments.’ May much happiness and good fortune continue to come your way!

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