Jacob Thompson

What a guy! Asking for nothing more than the loving touch of a personal card as he contemplates how to enjoy what will likely be his last Christmas. He is ONLY 9-years old. My oldest child turns 8 soon. A stark reality of what can happen in life. He has Stage-4 Neuroblastoma. It has already spread throughout his head, along with other parts of his body. But he continues to smile. He continues to value his life. The same cannot always be said for many of us.


Celebrities are reaching out. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger drew him a card. Anna Kendrick of Pitch Perfect fame was born in the same hospital under which he is receiving his care, and she sent him a note. Young children from schools across the country have written to him. It is great to see so many people reaching out to bring him some joy. My friend Andrew wrote him a note just minutes before running out on the field for a collegiate football game.

I penned him a letter yesterday while sitting in an airport. It was the least I could do.

If life has you down today, consider Jacob’s situation. I asked 41 of my closest colleagues to send him a note yesterday, and so I urge you to do the same.

If we can keep him smiling, then what are we waiting for?

Jacob Thompson 

C/O Maine Medical Center     

22 Bramhall St.   

Portland, ME 04102

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