You see what you want to see!

We have the ability to make anything look good, appear positive, shine bright, and we can even turn mud into gold. It’s not about any sort of magic, but rather about perspective and attitude. What you see through the vision you have been granted is up to you. Put yourself in the shoes of a blind person, perhaps like current USC football player Jake Olson (whom I wrote about in a previous post). But then again, there are those born blind who have never seen at all, and those that have acquired their loss of vision after seeing what the world offers us.

No matter which category you find yourself in, you still get to see what you want to see. Close your eyes and see for yourself. Do it! For a just a few minutes. Put the cell phone away. Think about something, anything. Picture something that society, your own family, your education or anything that has had an influence on you, has conditioned you to see as poor, evil, and/or negative in some simple way.

Stop reading my blog and try this little exercise out for yourself.

Okay…your back…let’s keep going.


Now I want you think about something positive that was wrapped up in the evil, or the failure, that you were picturing. You may surprise yourself and may not need to look too deep past the surface.

In everything there is something positive, influential, peaceful and loving that is yet to be discovered.

Your attitude is what determines what you find. You already know that you can turn bad situations into positive outcomes. You have done it with every failure you have ever turned into a success. You have realized that your perspective and attitude needed a little shift. Perhaps a pause and a reset.

You decided to see what you wanted to see. You turned off the news channel. You turned off your phone. You set aside Facebook for even just one day. You moved past the loss of the game. You went from “BEING CONCERNED” to “BEING THANKFUL.”

No one changed the lens you were looking through except for you.

Great job. Keep doing what you do and you will in fact surprise yourself.

And next time you see something while you are driving or walking down the street that you have been conditioned to see as “bad,” see if you can in fact make it good. And then, stop the car, or stop walking for a second and offer some help. Or at the very least, make some eye contact and simply smile. Your effort may in fact change someone’s attitude and their entire day or even week for the better.

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