Loosen the Grip


One of the most difficult things to consciously choose is to give up control. We want to be powerful. We desire to be in charge. We love the driver’s seat.

For many of us, our type “A” personalities shine through at no better time than when we are in charge…the boss…the big cheese. This could be for a single event or a daily venture. It is human nature to desire control. It just makes sense. And that is okay because it often leads to success, but not always.

Control is not synonymous with greatness. The art does not lay in the most aesthetic grip, but rather in the ability to balance the grip — not too tight or too loose. Just look all around you. Control can be aggravating. It can lead to abuse — all too often it does just that. Many an argument, divorce, and failure can be attributed to too much control.

What matters it not that we are in control, but that which we choose to control.

For example, controlling what goes in your mouth is essential to good health. Controlling who you spend the majority of your time with often dictates who you are and who you will become — this is obviously very important. The contrary would be controlling other people — you notice I said CONTROLLING, not LEADING or GUIDING — completely different.

Consider your daily schedule or how many keys you have on your key ring. How many people must you allocate your time to today? Who in your life depends on you being healthy and making good choices?

Is your grip too tight, or just right?

I am willing to bet your forearms are a little sore. Loosen your grip even just a little and you will see your life change in ways you never would have expected. Your PROCESS requires some give and take. It cannot exist and be fruitful without such balance, and you don’t have to look any deeper than your state of control. Simply look at your grip.

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