We often get in our own way


I won’t take the credit for the idea behind this blog post, as it comes from my friend John C. Maxwell, who is quite an accomplished pastor, writer, leadership and personal growth guru. In his book Fail Forward he writes about how many of us possess blind spots when it comes to knowing about ourselves. Sometimes these blind spots apply to our strengths, but more often than not we fail to see our weaknesses.

This list below is something you can print out and put up at work, home, or anywhere else that you frequent on a daily basis. It can help you work on your PROCESS, and it will definitely help you get BETTER each and every day. Take each one individually, or group them together as part of a bigger picture. For some of them you may recognize right away that it is either a strength or a weakness of yours, and thus you can do what needs to be done to improve.

Top 10 Reasons People Fail

  1. Poor people skills

  2. Negative attitude

  3. Bad fit

  4. Lack of focus

  5. Weak commitment

  6. Unwilling to change

  7. Short-cut mindset

  8. Relying on talent alone

  9. Response to poor information

  10. No goals


If you are stuck, and don’t know how to start such a PROCESS of personal growth, reach out to me via the contact section, and I will be sure to get back to you quickly to help you come up with a plan, no strings attached. I want nothing from you accept the opportunity to help you achieve your goals. For me, it is all about helping each and every one of you succeed at the game of life. Thanks for joining me today!

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