The Missed Call


Do missed calls ever cause your mind to wonder? Not those ones (and there are often many) from numbers that you do not recognize — we all get those — mostly from people trying to sell us something or someone who inadvertently dialed the wrong number. But how about those missed calls from someone already in your contact list? That family member, friend, or coworker? Those are the missed calls that make me wonder.

I know that I have committed such an act myself and on more than one occasion, and usually it has been so as not to disrupt someone’s schedule — or at least I thought I would be disrupting his or her day. I always figured that if after 2 or 3 rings the person does not pick up, it would be best to just hang up. But that kind of thinking is directly in-line with a fast-food, I want it right now, society and mindset. People do need to use the bathroom every once in awhile. They also need to sleep and sometimes drive to get to their destinations. All things that are best completed when not answering a phone.

But then one day I thought about things a little differently. I started to ponder the simplicity of leaving a message, and then I thought a little deeper. I thought about how a simple message could potentially brighten someone’s day.

How just 20-seconds could change another person’s attitude and perspective. Of course, a voicemail could also lead to a negative reaction, but again that would be up to the person leaving the message and the person receiving it — individual perspective muddles everything up.

I challenge you to start leaving a message, even if you are worried about bothering the receiver. After all, you had a reason to call in the first place. So make the call count. Give the receiver a chance to smile. The decision is all yours.

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  1. Morning Jason will take the challenge and endeavor to make the call count. Blessings

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