Encourage now!


All I can say is, why not? Encouragement is often the deal maker. It is often the difference between truly connecting two people. Think about a time in your life in which someone encouraged you to a new level. Not just a small pat on the back, but one in which your spirits were lifted to a new level. A place where you could see more possibilities in your life. A place where you felt like you could actually attain your dreams. So much encouragement that you did not want to interrupt the energy that was flowing. This is the type of encouragement that I am referring to today.

And now, take a moment to reflect on where you are today. Encouragement surely played a role in getting you here. It empowered you. It propelled you. It gave you a sense of purpose, or a new way to look at your “why.” Maybe you did not get encouraged very often, and that the people who you thought would be your main encouragers let you down. I get it. I have lived it. But I have never let it stop me in my pursuit of trying to get better everyday.

If you are following this BLOG, I am guessing you are not one to wallow in self-pity and that you would admit that you have been in receipt of encouragement quite often. Perhaps, I myself have indirectly encouraged you in some small way by creating this BLOG and sharing stories that may strike a certain cord within you. But this is not about whether you or I have been encouraged, it is about YOU AND ME encouraging others. We have been given a grand opportunity to influence other people, and a great and truly connecting way to do so is via encouragement.

Encouraging another person is more of an art than a science. Each person interprets encouragement differently, and for you to connect with them you may need to try out a few approaches. If you can accept that many of us are actually quite poor at communicating effectively, then you will appreciate those moments when encouragement comes to life. You don’t need to read anymore of this BLOG to get the mission underway.

The person who is in need of your help right now may only be a phone call, a text message, an email, or an office away. They may be standing just a few feet away from you, or maybe even staring back at you from the mirror — yes, that person may be YOU.

Encourage the person now, tomorrow and as often as you think it is needed. The results will astound you. Your interest in servant-leadership can now be realized with ease. Encouraging is serving. It is easy. It can be life-changing. Like the other things I have mentioned, it’s just a PROCESS.

Don’t just have a great day. MAKE TODAY AMAZING! Thanks for reading.

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