Look To Recognize Others!

Such a simple statement, and a simpler idea, yet so very hard for many of us to do, especially on a daily, weekly or even a monthly basis. Recognizing someone’s effort takes hardly any energy. After all, they are the ones who did the actual work, and it is usually someone higher up the ladder that gets the credit.

I have witnessed this repeatedly, both in the civilian world and the military. Bosses, so called leaders, who never take even a few minutes to recognize those who are making a difference day after day. Grinding away, just doing what the job calls for. Those who never make excuses, and are always putting their best effort forward.

I know that my words can help to motivate and inspire those around me, but if they heard similar things from those higher up the food chain, they would probably feel even better. Perhaps people do not put much effort into recognizing others because they themselves were not repeatedly recognized. But that should not be an excuse. I get it though: we do what we do because of the experiences we have had.

You may already be a great “recognizer” or maybe you could be even better. I always feel like I recognize those that I work with, but I know that I can do an even better job of it. It does not take much effort and hardly any time.

Try something new this week, and go out of your comfort zone to build a new bridge between you and someone else. Recognize their efforts. It could be your spouse, your children, your assistant, or perhaps you could recognize your own supervisor. Nobody said recognition is a one-way street.

One thought on “Look To Recognize Others!”

  1. Hey Jason,
    I liked the brevity & conciseness of this post.
    You’re so right, it doesn’t take much time of effort, yet it means so much to those recognized.
    Part of my message in teaching Motivational Interviewing to health & wellness workers is that “affirming” the accomplishments or even just the effort of those we work with (clients) is a self-fulfilling prophecy – when they or their efforts are sincerely affirmed, they strive to do even more in the future. Nobody gives or gets too much recognition.

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