Convicted: The Positive Definition

To be “Convicted” can be a positive thing. When you look at the word you may first see it with a negative connotation, as in being convicted of a crime. But that is not how the word is reflected into my eyes, and I hope to convince you of the same.

My first thoughts are, “purpose, passion, and values.” Honestly, that is what I see. Because of all of the false hope in this world — perhaps it has been your own family that has let you down — you have not been able to witness “conviction” and all the good surrounding it. You deserve to surround yourself with people who possess the conviction to do amazing things that will make the lives of others around them better.

Everyday I wake up convicted with a sense of purpose to find a way to make someone’s life better. Truth be told, I actually try to make 3 people’s lives better each and everyday, and I don’t count my wife and 2 daughters in that equation because to me that is already a given. I may not do it perfectly, but I will give it the energy it deserves. It’s too bad all husbands and fathers don’t see it that way. This world would surely be a better place.

Whether I need to call an old friend to cheer him or her up, or if it is a patient that I will see in my clinic that needs a little more direction. Or maybe a coworker who feels like she is not giving her children the lives they deserve needs me to listen to her, if even for just a few minutes.

There are people everywhere who need our love, our compassion, and most importantly our time. You may not have an hour, or even 10-minutes to spare, but perhaps all they need is 30-seconds. Just enough time to know that someone else cares. I am convicted to look for those little differences that I may be able to make. I urge you to do the same.

Pick up the phone. Write a letter. Walk down the hallway. Ask someone to go to lunch. Donate one of your precious Saturdays. Be creative, and be convicted to make someone else better.

Thanks for following along. As part of my little venture I am building up my NUTRITION and EXERCISE page, which you can find on my HOME page. So far I have uploaded a few documents that may help you in your pursuit of better health. A simple way for me to give back to all of you. There are a few INFOGRAPHICS that are easy to print and hang on your refrigerator, your mirror or at your desk. Remember, it is the little changes that can have a huge impact. Take a look. I will keep adding more as the days go by.

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