Fear: just an idea


A few weeks ago I started ruminating over the “manifestation” surrounding the idea of FEAR and how it limits our success. I say “manifestation” because FEAR is something we wholeheartedly create. It is not a real thing, but rather just an emotion or idea. I have battled with it my entire life. I am not ashamed to tell you. I am willing to bet you can relate in one way or another.

Whether coming back to the aircraft carrier at night in the back of an airplane with someone else in control and with rough seas and a pitch black sky, or a friend asking if I want to try out his motorcycle on the open road. Those have always been intense moments of FEAR for me. For some of you, those are just thrills, and there is no FEAR involved. When it came to chemotherapy and radiation to try and crush the cancer beneath my skin, there was a little FEAR there as well. But that FEAR had to do with the fact that I felt like I had not truly lived by that point in my life.

FEAR has kept me from fulfilling some goals and dreams — now that is what I am ashamed of. These FEARS that I created kept me down while others kept climbing up the mountain. They kept me out while others ventured to do more. They kept me back because I wanted a guaranteed return on my investment. No matter what my self-imposed excuse was at the time, the result was always the same — I kept myself from enjoying the adventure and living out THE PROCESS.

I once read that it is better to learn from the mistakes of others vice our own. This may or may not always be the case, but the point I am after is that I want you to learn from my mistakes and crush your FEARS, rather than letting them crush you. And today, with 13-minutes to spare in my schedule I watched a TED talk by Tim Ferriss (one of my favorite people) that was done in April 2017 (he has another from 2008), and it is about destroying FEAR. I urge you to check out his books, podcast and TED talks.

If my BLOG does anything for you today, let it be a little spark of motivation to conquer a few of your self-imposed FEARS. Don’t just set goals for these last 6-months of 2017, set up a list of FEARS to overcome, and check them off one by one. It may be as simple as lifting up your head and looking at the person walking past you on the street or in the grocery store and simply saying hello. Believe it or not, that is a FEAR many people have.

If you enjoyed this BLOG today, pass on my website to a friend, it is as simple as copying and pasting into an email or a text. All I am trying to do is the spread the word of personal growth to anyone who may need a little facelift to their sagging spirit. Stay tuned. There is a lot more to come. And I promise (not something I do often) that you will become better everyday by following THE PROCESS.


2 thoughts on “Fear: just an idea”

  1. Wendy and I liked this post very much. It is true that we all have different types of fears and if we face them then there is a chance we will and can overcome them. Thank you for your insights and inspiration!

  2. Hi Jason,
    Another thoughtful post (FEAR). I recently heard a radio spot on a guy who realized that he had a fear of rejection, so he set out to “desensitize” himself to rejection by asking strangers ridiculous requests (like can I borrow $100, or come over for dinner tonight, etc). He found that people did indeed reject his requests, but more inquisitively and kindly than he expected. He learned that he his requests were being rejected, but he wasn’t being rejected as person. He now can have his requests rejected without taking it personally. I think they call that “exposure therapy” in CBT.

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