Plant Some Seeds

plant seeds

With the way the world works today we often forget where we are. We become so concerned about where we desire to be, that at times we have no idea what being where we currently are actually means. The context of our situation is out of place. Our idea of just how important and special the PROCESS is becomes non-existent. The PROCESS by which we arrived at where we are today gets overlooked, overshadowed, and overburdened by what we want in the future.

Look, we must set our goals and more importantly our vision, but we must also respect the ground under our feet. A misstep now could send us tumbling further away from our aspirations. To not appreciate the PROCESS, is to not really understand that which you desire. If you know what you want, then you must reflect on what you did to get to where you are now, because that reflection will indeed reveal the parts of the PROCESS that led you here.

You must take some time to plant some seeds at this current place. The seeds you have at your disposal have been on quite a journey. They have been with you through adversity, happiness, failure, and all those things in between. The seeds will surely flourish because they have already been through so much. They have indeed weathered the storm.

Take what you have learned along your journey and invest that knowledge into those who look to you for advice, mentorship, feedback, and love. Help somebody develop their own PROCESS. Help them to not make the same mistakes that you have made. Help them to see how important they are. Don’t hold on to the seeds any longer. Let them grow. Let them make another life better.

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  1. Highly thought provoking. Planting some seed is a sure way of giving back. Someone helped us on our way up the ladder of life. Now is the time to help others . Thank you Dr. Valadao

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