Don’t just stand there. Do something!


You can either stand around or you can move and make something happen. Life should not be about what happens to us, but rather about what we do to make life happen. If our actions are purposeful with the correct intentions, then our odds of success will go up exponentially.

I am willing to bet that you have already made some amazing movements in your life or else you would probably not be reading this today. You have chosen to learn, to grow and to ultimately have an impact on those around you. You want to make a difference. Half of the time you don’t even realize the difference that you are making, and that is a great thing because it will keep you humble and will keep humility as one of the foundational pillars in your life.

You are someone who is willing to both accept and create change when needed. You can rationalize the value in taking one or two steps back to see the big picture, so that eventually you will take many more steps forward. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer. Your actions are in fact leading you in the right direction.

The PROCESS is taking place right before your eyes. It will not always be a clear path. An obstacle or two may get in your way, and just standing there will not make them go away. You have a little bit of fear that you may make the wrong decision. But you soon come to the realization that DOING NOTHING, YIELDS NOTHING. Patience is a different story. This is not about hasty decision-making. This is about creating the life you want, by taking the steps you must take. It is about the PROCESS.

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