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Do you ever take time out of your schedule to think about the example you are setting? If you have children your example is of extreme importance. They will copy your actions and especially your words, and at times you won’t even realize it. At work your colleagues will watch what you do and say. Your friends and family may do the same. Whether you like it or not, you are often under a microscope. Most of us are so busy trying to live our lives, that we do not reflect on the example we are setting.

Truth be told, our example will not be the best each and every time, especially if we don’t think about it, but if we strive to tip the pendulum toward setting a moral, ethical, passionate and empathetic example, then we will surely make a difference in the lives of others. People are watching. Others depend on us. Our lives have a profound effect on those around us, even if we don’t believe so.

Make a conscious action to get better each and every day. The domino effect that you initiate has the ability to change the lives around you. And who knows, maybe you, yes you, can make someone else’s life go from what may seem like the worst of circumstances ever to a life that feels fulfilled and full of hope. Give it a shot this week. Be intentional in your actions and words and think about the impact you might just have on the life of another.

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  1. Great website and following your passion. You are an amazing guy. I admire and respect your ambition and wanting to serve others.
    I agree with this essay on our influence on other (even if we don’t realize it.) I had the good fortune to attend Landmark Education’s Forum (3 intensive days of “group therapy”) and one of the many things that I took from that was that we really do have more influence, especially in our families, than we think. For we men, being the best husband, partner, father, brother, son, employee, etc. is a noble calling worthy of our very best effort.

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