Look around you

Take a look. Wait! I mean, really look. Do you see it? It is staring you back in the face. Come on. Average is everywhere. Is that what you want? It is EASY to be average. You don’t believe me. But think about it. To be average you really do not have to do much. Just breathing may actually get you there, depending on where you plant your feet. Some people think it is difficult to be average — I call that being lazy and not wanting to challenge yourself. Good luck with that type of mindset. Who cares if you fail at something, at least you made an attempt. I fail every single day and I am okay with it because it means I am living. If we are to be okay with being average, then we might as well just build our coffins now and lay down inside.

So do me favor and pick something to work on today and again tomorrow. Something that you want to be better at. It can really be anything. From the way you talk to your spouse, to your golf game, or even your efficiency at work. If you give it your all, I have a feeling you will surprise yourself, and I bet you will be far from average.

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