Compliments are easy

Just the other day, after a couple of hours of sleep following a night shift in a community Emergency Room, my kids and I headed out to get new hearing aid molds (the piece that fits in the ear to hold the hearing aid in place) made for the youngest in our family. A rather routine event every 4 to 6 months in our household. Within seconds of getting out of the car, an older couple that was patiently waiting for the next available parking spot, powered down the passenger window and simply said in perfect unison, “You have such a beautiful family.” They were obviously talking about my girls. I instantly returned a thank you and told them to have a blessed day.

It took them little energy to say something so kind. Total strangers. It was that simple. This just made me wonder how difficult it often is for us to spit out compliments, yet when it comes to criticism the words just flow, often very eager to leave our mouths. What we don’t realize is that it takes no effort to say something nice to another person, but with criticism we often mull ideas around in our minds. There is no reason to be shy when handing out compliments. We must be INTENTIONAL about such action.

When you realize the power that a compliment has upon the receiver, you will begin to not think twice about giving them out. You will feel good about doing so, and the return on your investment will be something you would never expect. So take this as a challenge and seek out as many people as you possibly can today and pay them a compliment. I tried it myself with every person that I walked past at work today and it felt great. Odds are your attitude and perspective about the day will be so much brighter.

One thought on “Compliments are easy”

  1. Once again I’m impressed with your wisdom at such a young age, Jason. Like you I get a large jolt of dopamine in my brain’s reward center when I get a compliment and a slightly smaller one when I give one. I teach “Motivational Interviewing” and one of the aspects of acceptance of other is looking for and giving “Affirmations”- an acknowledgement of a character trait that we admire, or an effort made. These help rapport and build self esteem in the other. My only reservation is that we have to respect that a lot of people these days seem to not want to engage with strangers, even for a compliment. Me rule of thumb is if they are willing to make eye contact, they al least get a smile if not a greeting or possible a compliment. Keep up the compliments to strangers, it helps, even if some people don’t respond.

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